48PA3135 Metal Objects

Dooley Site

48PA3135 has a variety of features, hearths, stone circles, metal working areas, and artifact clusters. In addition to the metal objects that are described here, there is also an assemblages of glass beads.

Feature distribution at 48PA3135 (Dooley Site) – metal objects are the red circles.

Three features have what seems to be debris from metal working (Features 2, 9, and 13). Feature 2 appears to be just a metal workshop activity area, while both 9 and 13 have the metal debris inside a stone circle and are also associated with beads.

Metal objects an other mapped items within a 4m buffer of centerpoint of features 2 and 13 at 48PA3135.

This site provides an excellent opportunity to study what may be some temporal variation in occupation (based on differences in glass bead assemblages from features 9 and 13) as it relates to metal working.

Metal debris, probably debitage from point manufacture and perhaps other metal working at Feature 9, 48PA3135.
Complete Dutch oven apparently cached at 48PPA3135 as observed after 2006 fire and as vegetation returns in 2020.

Metal Object Images – Grouped by Feature